Not Playing Small Any More

We’ve all got our own hangups. Every single one of us.
Things that we want to do or achieve – but something is holding us back.
Being offered things such as a new job, holiday opportunity or even just going to a party.
And yet, we always just say no.
It’s not that we don’t want to do it.  To have a go.  Meet new people.  Even try a new job that you’ve always dreamed of.  Or just something new and different.
It’s because of:
😒Fear of failure
😒Fear of success (yes, that really is a thing!)
😒Self doubt
😒Low self confidence
😒Not want to muck it up and look silly
And let’s be clear, everyone has their own issues.  Nobody is free of doubt and worry – although the issues or thoughts may be different, the affect is the same.
It holds us back.  Keeps us small.  Stops us from trying new things, even if it’s something we’ve always dreamed of.
This was my life for many years.  I kept myself small and in the shadows.
Heaven forbid I was out there to be seen.  What if I made a mistake?  Or was laughed at by my peers?  Or even worse, completely failed?
Here’s the truth.  The absolute honest truth.
Those people who I was worried about?  None of them did anything either!  They are still doing what they always did – judging others and really not being very happy.  And the result is that I went through many years of my life not living my truth.  Staying small to keep others comfortable.


Well I say bugger that!
It took time for me to even realise what it was that I really wanted.  My wants.  My needs.  My goals.  My entire life I’d done things that were expected of me.  I never really dared to imagine what I could achieve.  Or what I wanted on a basic level.
Once I started to step into my power and start working towards the things that I wanted, things started to shift.  Fast forward a few years and the small town, small minded stuff is non existent.
Now I own my truth.  I am in control of my own destiny.  The choices I make are for ME not anybody else.
And it feels so good!
Not the entire world is actually my oyster.
So where to begin?  Even if you are right back at the beginning, it’s not too late!
❤ Find a quite place & time – perhaps in the morning before others are up
❤ Get yourself comfortable, nice cup of tea of coffee ready to go.
❤ Get a notebook and start to let your mind wander.  Tap into your imagination.  If you’ve not used it in a while, you will need to strengthen that muscle.  It’s ok to start small.
❤ Think about something you’d absolutely love to:  have / achieve / experience / be a part of.  Don’t worry about the details such as money, location, time.  Just let your mind wander to what you desire.
Once you start to really think about yourself, what you really want, things will start to change.
Many of us have only thought of others for most of our lives.
Perhaps it feels selfish to only think of yourself.
You’ll have to get over that 😂
The time for you is now.  Don’t wait another minute.  Rather than waste valuable time, find your why.  Find your reason.  Find your passion.  You’re totally worth it ❤

Photo credits:  Edu Lauton & Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash