When did you last take time out fo yourself and focus on healing.  Really healing.

It started with food.  In my early 30s, I slowly began to overhaul everything about the food we ate – from where it came from to how it was prepared.  I felt we needed to get back to basics.  Move away from the standard Australian/American diet (SAD) and eat simple, real food.  Organic where possible and cook everything from scratch. That journey took me through a series of healing modalities and nutrition courses all the way to becoming a health and nutrition coach and healer, changing people’s lives, one wellness plan and healing session at a time.

My Journey
By the time I was just 31, I’d lost both of my parents as well as my mother in law – all to cancer.  I had a 3 year old and was 6 months pregnant with my second child.  The one thing I kept on going back to was that neither of my parents had died from hereditary disease.  In my mind, it had to be something to do with their lifestyle choices or environment.  I knew I wanted to change my health outcome and realized there must be a way to empower myself and be proactive in my own health journey.  There was so little information availlable at that time and it was really overwhelming.  Where do I even start?


Mainstream had not connected lifestyle to illness so I was met with so much resistance in every single change I implemented.

I had no support from my peers and family.  Every single little change required a discussion.  You should have heard the grated cheese debate! (Don’t even get me started on the toxic anti caking agent they use).

A lot of my friends ridiculatd what I was dong which was really difficut to deal with.  None of them had been touched by cancer or any other degenerative disease so they did not have the same motivation as I did. 

Instead of giving up, I continuted to quietly make changes in my life under the radar.

The Biology of Belief

My Buddhist nun introduced me to Dr Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief and I will forever be grateful.

Bruce Lipton says ‘you are not your genes’. This simple statement changed my life. Knowing that I was not victim to hereditary. That I have control over the environment my body is in and can influence my genes.

Possibly my biggest learning was that everything is connected. That how we think or how we perceive things effects every little thing in our body. And that we have the ability to make changes.

Another contributor to my learning was Dr Joe Dispenza who says ‘your thoughts are incredibly powerful, choose yours wisely.’ Dr Dispenza overcame phenomenal physical injuries after a bike accident by using the healing power of his mind. His work and publishings are so inspiring and prove just how powerful our thoughts really are.

Knowing all that I do, it’s obvious that everything is connected and we cannot focus on just one aspect of health.

The Mind Body Connection

The Mind-body connection is crucial. I now use all of my tools and everything that I have learnt to help my clients break free and live the amazing life they were destined for by implementing simple, easy changes in every day life. Working together in an environment that full of love and non judgement.

Changing limiting and negative beliefs using a process called Psych-k will remove the invisible shackles that have been holding you back. I found it has been the most beneficial way to quickly clear my blocks and to step out of the shadows.

Learning the art of detachment is so liberating and will assist by achieving body, mind and emotional freedom. Removing any emotional attachment to an outcome just sets you free.

Beautiful energy healing sessions which heal every single part of you – body, mind and spirit. It heals you in a way that nothing else can. Whatever you are in need of at the time, an energy healing session will heal you. Be it physical, mental or emotional. Whilst I am a Reiki master and a Healing Touch practitioner, I find that my healing style is more intuitive. The client’s body will tell me what is required and it makes for a more powerful healing experience.

Easy, simple nutritional changes that can boost energy, health and wellbeing. Rather than think that everything has to be perfect and done overnight, I prefer taking it slowly and making lasting changes. Small, lasting changes that will positively impact all aspects of life.

Simply being in an environment of non judgement and love can be healing. Knowing you are safe and with someone who genuinely cares. Letting go of everything else for just a little while. Wow, that is so freeing!

The key to happiness.

For me, living fully connected is the key to happiness. Making the small steps each and every day. Realizing that we are all connected and want the same thing – to belong, be loved, be accepted. Knowing that we loved. We are worthy of love. We are amazing.

I’m so grateful for this journey. It’s been liberating and humbling at the same time. To be able to share my gifts and help people to heal and reach their full potential is something that I will be forever grateful for

By working with me, you will be able to achieve many improvements in life. The following are just a sample of things we will work on:

Stress reduction
Goal setting
Calm & Inner Peace
Increased energy
Elimination issues
True Vitality
Boost immunity
Release of excess weight
Better quality sleep
Overall wellness
Reduce bloating and cramping
Digestive health
Increased physical ability
Menu planning

I will be there with you every step of the way. By working together great things can be achieved.

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