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Hi, I’m Kim.

International business and personal transformation coach, Bestselling author, speaker.and healer.

My life mission is to support individuals globally in transforming their lives. To break away from what we are taught to believe, do and strive for and to live a life of design.

Working with clients to facilitate great change, to pivot perception and transform subconscious and often limiting belief systems. My extensive training and experience allows every aspect of health and wellbeing to be addressed. My philosophy is that we need to work on all areas: body, mind and spirit.

My writings are published in Brainz Magazine, Thrive Global and Sibella Circle International. I also had the privilege to present in the global Her Story summit.
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What my wonderful clients say

  • I Tried Psych-K for the first time and the results were astounding. The connection with Kim was incredible even though the session was over Skype. Can't wait for my next session and to continue working with Kim to change my thinking patterns and live a life free of self limiting beliefs.

    ess Heathcote, WA
  • I cannot thank you enough Kim. Our work together has shifted within me from feeling "unsafe" to feeling empowered; from feeling self doubt into feeling deservant of having a fulfilling career. As a result of our session, my future feels bright and full of promise. I'm grateful.

    Maxine Downs, Washington DC:


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