Preparing for Greatness

These few days between Christmas & New Year are almost surreal.


You can’t really remember what day it is. What day do you go back to work. Or reality.
It’s a time of great reflection, calm and peace for me. Just kind of letting everything go and having complete trust in the universe.
One of my big realizations is that I have been pouring into a few things that really don’t serve me. Perhaps I’ve let a boundary get soft. Or started focusing on things that are not of value. Absolutely I’ve allowed extra things that are like a big black hole for my valuable time.
I’ve also really been thinking about my greatest desires in life. Without getting too deep and serious here, I do always come back to having the freedom to choose.
Freedom to choose in all areas of life.
We know that our minds are powerful. That’s proven in both science and the woo woo realm.
However it’s kind of like knowing something and not acting upon it. It seems too basic to really have any weight to it. Truth is it’s the most important thing in our existence.
With our powerful minds we have the ability to be, create, achieve, experience pretty much anything.
What I’m feeling right now is so much gratitude and love. Those feelings create the absolute highest vibration in the universe – and when you vibrate higher, only things on that level come your way.
2023 will be here in a minute. By remaining in such a high state of vibration, I KNOW that anything is possible. Anything.
The universe delivers when we are in alignment.
My tribe is here. My purpose in this life is set. My soul mission is before me. And I’m gonna grab all the good things with both hands.
Wanna join me?

Kim x



photo credit: Vince Fleming on Unsplash