The Issue With Busyness

I’ve been so busy for so long.  I’m always the one who has way too much to do and achieve.  In the last 12 months it’s something I’ve actively worked on since I’m aware it’s not healthy to constantly be in a state of busyness.

My personality deems that I have to be at 100% capacity with a mile long list of other things to learn, try, do and accomplish.  That part I’m cool with…..I mean, there’s a lot to do during this lifetime!!  

However what I realized is this.  Firstly, being so incredibly busy and having a queue of things to do next means that often you are not really enjoying, learning and growing from your current activity.  We push harder and faster to get it ‘done’ and then instantly go on with the next thing.   I think back to when I was taking Hungarian lessons with my amazing tutor from Budapest.  Each week for an hour we would meet on Skype for the lesson.  I turned up every time and really enjoyed the lesson.  The issue was that literally as soon as it was over, I logged into my work laptop and started my day.  The Hungarian was quickly put to the side and I went about the rest of my day, week not thinking about it again until my next lesson.   Hmmmm that’s not exactly how it was supposed to be.

Secondly, although I’ve always been proud of the load I can carry.  However it really is not possible to do anything well when you have such a full schedule.  Also it’s very much in masculine energy which is super quick to burn me out! I remember a conversation last year when I was saying “I’ve got a new book coming out, my new podcast to launch, coaching clients etc….’.  My friend asked a very simple question.  ‘How will you achieve XYZ in your Health business with all of that distraction’.  BAM that really hit home.

You see, one of the arms of my business is a health product that naturally extends life and promotes incredible health. There is a residual income earned which will allow me to have freedom of time a lot quicker. My goal for that business was to achieve a certain ‘rank’ which was a big stretch.  That one comment really stopped me in my tracks.  I rethought everything and made some major changes. 

What did I do?  I chose my priority goal and dropped or put aside pretty much everything else on my list.  Did it feel weird?  Absolutely.  I’ve always loved the feel of the rush – pushing every single day and always hustling.  

This was a new experience for me and one that took some time to get used to.   At the time I was working full time in the corporate world, seeing clients every afternoon/evening for healing and coaching and also building my health business.   What did I do?  Heavily reduced my healing and coaching availability- so instead of seeing a dozen clients a week, it was now a maximum of 4.  Also, my podcast (which was almost ready to launch) was put on the back burner.  

The result was quick and very positive. For the first time that I can remember, there was no massive rush every day trying to fit it all in.  Instead, I used that time to focus solely on my health business to achieve my big stretch goal.  It’s been about 12 months now but my results speak for themselves.  Now my business is bigger, stronger and I have Consultants globally who are building the business with me. 

What now?  A little more time to perfect and grow this side of my business.   Then it’s onto the next priority. 

You see, we can have it all.  But not all at the same time.  Something has to give.  Ultimately I was the one suffering and it really didn’t feel good. 

By reducing my busyness, I’ve grown my business substantially and am really enjoying the process.  Turns out that going at a million miles an hour really isn’t that much fun, or a very good business practice!! 

It really does seem to be counterproductive to reduce your tasks and goals.  However I don’t think we are here to work ourselves to death.  Perhaps it’s time to change our perspective just a smidge – what if we have time to do things one (or two) at a time until we achieve that and then move on.  We know that the more you do something, the better you are.  And habits are created by doing something over and over again.  What if my slowing down and focussing on one thing at a time means that we are cementing new, healthy habits quicker? 

There are so many positives by slowing down.  One that I’d not thought of has come about due to the success in my health business.  It’s a direct sales organization and given my quick and intense success, I’ve now found a new niche to work with in my coaching – my success is due to improved mindset and reducing limiting beliefs.  I’ve proven it works by my own success, in the very near future I will begin to work with other people in the industry who need a little help also. 

Everything always happens for a reason.  By slowing down I’ve sped up.  

Who ever would have thought?!


photo credit: Christin Hume at Unsplash