Going Down The Rabbit Hole

The last couple of weeks have been a bit tricky.   It seems that the energy has shifted, different global issues have arrisen and it’s been so easy to ‘squirrel’ and not focus.
In fact, I’ve found myself going right off track and heading down a rabbit hole.  That in itself it OK from time to time, but some days it was becoming frequent.  
This led to a few things.
💥 My energy levels plummeted.  You see, most of the things I was getting distracted by were not positive.  In fact, they were probably what you’d call click bait.  Whilst I don’t watch Main Stream Media, there are plenty of other ways to get sucked into the current global agenda.  
💥 My vibrational level absolutely lowered.  I could feel it, like I was walking around in a thick soup.  Wow, it felt bad!  And then I also realised that this is (a) how I used to live 100% of the time and (b) sadly so many people are still there and are either unable to shift it or don’t even know!
💥 I just felt – meh.  Really didn’t have any mojo.  This is super unusual for me and it just felt bad.  Yes I do have ups and downs like everyone, however they normally are not quite so intense or frequent.
💥In general, I was unhappy.  My spark was starting to go and it was not a fun time.  
Once I had identified these feelings I started to shake myself off.
The thing to remember is this.  We have TOTAL control over what we think (and therefore our perception of things).    Total control.   
We can be presented with all kinds of information and scenarios, but it’s up to us whether we either let them in or ignore them.   Mostly my radar is smoking hot however I guess with working so hard and being a little tired, as well as falling back into hold habits, it wasn’t so accurate.
Luckily we all have the most amazing, free resources at our fingertips.   
When I’m feeling a bit off, my first go-to are binaural beats.  There are plenty available online – and free.  If you’ve never heard of them, have a listed today.  In particuar, anything with 528hz is very healing.  Overall though, the music will allow your body and mind to calm and you will be able to connect with source again.
Another thing is to listen to motivating and topical recordings, podcasts etc.  I love love love Earl Nightingale and all of his work.   He has a couple of good recordings we can access for free.
This week I published an article for Brainz Magazine around our thoughts and how powerful they are.   I’ve popped the link to it below.
If you’re feeling off or you’ve lost your mojo, it’s all good.  There’s time to pick yourself up and start again.  Just remember that we have control over our thoughts.  Don’t let circumstances dictate your experiences and life.  Create your own circumstances!
Photo credit: Elijah Hiett on unsplash.com