This is 50

A few months ago I turned 50. Not sure what I thought life would be like by then, but in my twenties I do recall thinking that 50 was SO old (and life was almost over hahaha).
However I can honestly say, hand on heart that I feel the best that I ever have. In fact, I feel like I’m in my twenties again. Life is so gooooood!
I took this photo last week on a flight home from Sydney. No makeup (except a little eyeliner) and no filter. In fact I personally don’t ever use a filter when taking photos. I’m ok with the lines, wrinkles and the imperfection that is me.
Here’s what I’ve worked out in the 50 year on this planet. It really is just a number – if you are healthy and not festering away letting the days slip by.
Age is not about how many years you’ve been alive, it’s about the age of your cells. There re 20 years old that are old on the inside. Just as there are 80 year olds that are spritely.
Thankfully I’m not plagued with some issues that women my age have. I’m grateful for that, however I’ve worked hard to prioritise my health.
For me there are a few key areas that have really helped me in the last decade or so. Most of them you hear me bang on about but I’m going to include them here again – sometimes we need to see and take things in a few times for them to stick x
✅Stop worrying about what other people think. Focus on yourself and discovering what truly makes you happy. And then do more of that!! As soon as I let that sh*t go, my life improved dramatically. Now, if I don’t want to do it – I don’t!! It’s an amazing way to live
✅Only be with people who lift you up and make you feel good. Dump your toxic friends and when meeting new ones, trust your gut instinct. Do not invite drama into your life. Over time as your vibration lifts and you start to heal, most of those people will automatically drop off anyway.
✅Just because they are family doesn’t mean they have to be in your life. There, I said it. Do not allow any other human being to treat you badly. There is SO much I could say here but I will hold back. Suffice to say, if you have a toxic family member (or in-law) that is hurting you or your family, you have permission to step out. Trust me, in the long run you will be happier and healthier.
✅Prioritise your health. And I mean make this your top priority. We are in a time where things are moving very quickly and it’s so easy to grab things (including pharmaceuticals) on the run. STOP. This is literally killing you. We have NOTHING without our health. This needs to be your most important focus. **In coming days I will put some posts up on specifically what I do to keep my health top notch
✅Get outside in nature more. Go for a walk, sit in the sun and have your coffee, work in your veggie garden. Just get outside in nature. We are basically animals and we need to connect with the planet and really be at one with nature.
✅ SLOW DOWN. We were not put on this planet to rush all the time. Calm your farm and enjoy your days
✅ Eat real food. Ditch the crap and processed stuff. That is not food. ‘If it’s a plant eat it. If it’s made in a plant don’t eat it’. Seriously people, get back to basics and cook from scratch. It’s so easy – not only will you heal your body but you will save a heap of money!
✅ Listen to binaural beats. They are amazing and I listen to them every single day. They help to calm my brain and make me feel at peace. And I’m able to connect with source so much better in that state of mind. There are plenty of free ones on Youtube or Spotify.
✅ Last of all is my latest addition. And I think the one that has made the biggest difference overall. A year ago I swapped from taking supplements to taking an activator. Now instead of swallowing a bunch of antioxidants (and whatever else they tout on the bottle), I’ve activated my body to PRODUCE them (antioxidants, glutathione, SOD etc). Thousands of times more powerful and effective.
In my honest opinion, activating my NRF2 pathway was the last piece of the puzzle for my health. And in the last year my life has improved dramaticallly – plus I swear I’m aging backwards!! (If you’d like some info just let me know)
My wish is for all of you to feel as good and happy as I do xxx