I believe there is almost nothing we can’t do.


Once we get past our limiting and negative beliefs, the world is literally our oyster.

I think we are so used to thinking things are not possible that we have forgotten to dream.

We’ve been so caught up in this thing called life, our habits and systems that we forgot that we can imagine better things.

For me the best time to dream and imagine is right before sleep at night. That way there are no other distractions to pull me away.

We know that what we focus on and believe, we achieve. Part of this process is to think about what we want, picture it in our mind and attach emotion to it. Attaching emotion is the kicker – once we can see it in our mind and believe it – we can achieve it.

It takes a little time to build the imagination muscle. I’ve also heard it called visioneering. But do yourself a favour and persevere.
Find a nice quiet time – right before bed or as soon as you wake up is ideal due to the state of your brain. Let your mind wander to what you want and desire. Your goals in life. Don’t worry about how you will get there. Just dream of how your life will look as if you have achieved your goals. Then feel how great it is. Really try and feel it. Once you can attach positive emotion to the dream them you will put the wheels in motion.

I love this stuff ❤

Have you ever had experience with this? Had something turn out just how you dreamed it would?