Kim's Menopause Inflammation Reduction Favourites

What I Used To Reduce Menopause Inflammation - and feel SO much better xx

These are the products I take every single day that have been pivotal in my menopause inflammation reduction 🧡

You don’t need to take everything I take – but I recommend every single person should be talking Protandim NRF2 as it massively reduces Oxidative Stress (which leads to inflammation) by 40% in 30 days and 70% in 90 days.  Game changer!! 💥

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If you’re in Australia 🦘 (like I am!), I’ve included the product links below along with the US.  If you are in another another market, please use the website links below.

These products are in 20+ countries 🌎 if you need help, please reach out.

PROTANDIM NRF1 & NRF2 “Dual Synergizer”   



🌟Increase energy 🌟  Healthier cells 🌟 Reduces free radicals


🌟 Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40% in just 30 days!! 🌟 Produce 1,000,000 antioxidants per second EVERY second 🌟 Increase glutathione by 300% in 120 days

 30+ peer reviewed studies (including Harvard, Washington State, American Heart Association) on Pubmed – which is Google for doctors.

These products can be purchased individually also – and in my opinion every single human should be taking NRF2 at the very least. 

True Science Liquid Collagen  



Activate.  Replenish.  Maintain.

🌟Reduce inflammation 🌟 Liquid collagen 🌟 Marine sourced 🌟 Contains 10 different types of collagen 🌟 Activates your body to produce it’s own collagen 🌟 Amazing test results can be found on the above link

ProBio – probiotic 



🌟 Optimal for gut health 🌟Contains 6 strains of bacteria 🌟 Slow release – so the goodness gets past your stomach acids 🌟 Shelf safe – doesn’t require refrigeration

Omega+ – Omega 3 supplement 



🌟Brain & health health 🌟 Protects cells 🌟 Healthy immune system 🌟 Heavy metal free 🌟 Sustainably sourced

Vitamin D3 



🌟 Support immune system 🌟  Healthy bones  🌟 Healthy Cells 🌟 Preventative for major illness

AXIO – nootropic drink – with or without caffiene



🌟Support energy levels🌟 Protect the brain 🌟 Neurotransmitter health 🌟 Nootropic drink helping with energy 🌟

The U.S:

If you’re in Australia 🦘 (like I am!) or another market, please use the website links below.

These products are in 20+ countries 🌎 if you need help, please reach out.


New Zealand:

United Kingdom:

All other countries:

Click on the U.S. site (link is above)

Go to the right hand side of the homepage and click on the little circle with the flag 

Choose your country and click on it

The website will now show the products available in your market as well as correct pricing in your currency

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Interested in the Science or want to know more? 

Watch this 8 minute video which shows the 2005 ABC PrimeTime story and the science behind the product/s

**ABC Prime Time is the 60 Minutes of Australia



Other things I incorporate into my life that help to reduce inflammation

  • MIndset is key!!  I use a modality called PSYCH-K® to help change any limiting or negative beliefs (also good for healing generational trauma)

  • Ginger tea – fresh slices of ginger in boiling water. 

  • Lemon water in the morning – squeeze ½ a lemon into warm water and drink.

  • Earthing/Grounding – Get outside and stand on the grass with no shoes on.

  • Listen to binaural beats – like meditation but without having to sit still – check Youtube or Spotify for free tracks you can listen to.

  • Sleep – this is a priority and I aim for 7-8 hours of solid, quality sleep each night.

  • Clean, unprocessed food – I do my best to eat as basic and natural as possible.

  • Drink filtered water, and at least 1 ½ ltrs a day.

  • Movement such as walking, doing an online workout every day.

  • Gratitude is so important.  Live in a state of gratitude and your life will improve so much!

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