5 Rules For Happiness

As the world seems to be spirallying out of control, I always go back to the most simple way of living that I can.

We absolutely cannot control the circumstances that are going on around us. However we CAN create our own circumstances – and remove ourselves from the bad movie that is playing globally.
Many, many people are caught up in the fear, terror and stress narrative that is playing out. And day by day it’s getting more intense. This my friends is literally a death sentence.
It’s time for a radical change. Things as we’ve always done are not working. Nobody can deny that.
But what can we do? Plenty!
I am fierce in protecting my mind – now more so than ever. Our minds are the most powerful things in our possession. What we think, we create. Period.
So that means that by letting the global situation reside in our mind, we are allowing oursleves to be swept into an existence that is doomed. The more we worry and feel scared, the worse things get for us. It’s like a spinning wheel that a mouse run on.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
So. What can I control?
#1 is the way I think. This is unlimately the only thing I have real control over. Nobody can tell us what to think or how to perceive situations. That is all up to us. And that’s a big deal.
***I know it might seem like a huge thing right now, and if so please reach out. This is my genius zone, my area of expertise. Let me help you to reduce that toxic thinking and reprogram your thought habits xxxx
Remove yourself from this bad movie. Step back, turn off or extract yourself from anything mainstream. Do some of your own research (using Brave search engine – the only one I trust at the moment for real information). Know that it’s going to be ok.
The biggest thing right now is to stop being scared. Our vibrational frequency drops like a lead balloon and then our immune system is in the tank (not to mention all of the other health issues that arrise).
1. Don’t worry. Become a solution finder and stop relying on others to provide your life narrative
2. Don’t hate. Stay in the love, hope and gratitude mindset. That is the highest frequency and will help you to remain healhty – and it even is able to repair your DNA!
3. Give more. What you give out comes back ten fold. Give more love, hope, care to others. So many are in need right now. There are many people who are alone and could benefit from a hug, a simple hello.
4. Expect less. We are all very capable of achieving and doing so much. Stop expecting others to come along and save us. We need to become self sufficient and our own Knight in shining armour. Man, it feels gooooood to be confident, independant and know that you will be ok. Stop being a victim.
5. Live Simply. This. I love this so much. Live simply. Forget the things that are not important. Go back to basics. If the last 2 1/2 years have taught us anything, it’s that we really don’t need that much. Let’s stop spending money on stuff that is of no benefit, start to eat more simply and slow the f*ck down! I’ve put the brakes on and am love every single aspect of my life. Everything is so much easier. In fact, the simpler the better.
We have so much control over how we are living right now. Please stop feeling like there is no solution, no way out and that you have no choices.
It’s time for a new beginning. No doubt all of my light workers can feel the beautiful uprising of healing, feminine energy around the globe.
It is an amazing time to be alive xxx
photo credit:  Szilvia Basso on Unsplash