Time To Remove Your Mask

When we are growing up, most often we do not feel that we can completely be ourselves. There is fear of rejection, ridicule and even being ….
We wear a mask to cover our true selves, play the part that we think will be accepted by our peers, play make believe just to fit in. The issue is that when we do this, we are not being ourselves and can never make real connections, friends and find our tribe.
It often takes some kind of jolting life event to make us realise that we are miserable and if people don’t like us for who we are, then that’s their issue
For me, it took until my mid twenties to wake up. I’ve always been different. At around age 10 I said something to a peer who I wanted to be accepted by and her response was enough to make me pull back, retreat into my shell. I then began the process of reinventing myself so that I was like everyone else. That feeling of rejection and ridicule was too much for this little 10 year old to bear – especially since I’ve just moved from the city to the tiniest town on the planet and was desparate to fit in.
My beautiful mother in law was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was about 23. That was my defining moment. I forgot about trying to fit in and instead focussed on things that really mattered to me. Somehow all of the other garbage fell away.
By the time I was 31 I’d also lost both of my parents. To say that I could not give a rats arse about anyone else would be an understatement. None of the people I’d tried to be accepted by were there to help me or lend any support. Not one. In fact (what I considered) my closest friend was nowhere to be seen.
And here’s the thing. As soon as I removed my mask, forgot about trying to fit in and be accepted – my life changed dramatically.
I started to attract my tribe. The people who are still in my life today and are so amazingly supportive. They get me. I don’t have to pretend at all. What was considered ‘out there’ from my peers is now just a part of me that people are drawn to.
My soul mission on this planet is to help others to break away from the invisible chains that stop them from being themselves, being happy and living a life that is full of happiness!
I have a holistic approach which covers body, mind and spirit. They are all connected and I can tell you, it’s the most amazing journey that you will ever take.
My advice to anyone who feels they are still having to wear their mask. Be brave, step out of the shadows and into the light. I promise your tribe are waiting for you xx
Photo credit: Ilanydd Lloyd