This Is Me

Published in Sibella Publications: Luminous Wisdom. Front Cover Story - September 2021

Many of us have spent our entire lives being someone that we think we should be. Society deems we act a certain way and from birth our family teaches us who and what we should be.  By the time we are young adults, we are a product of everyone else rather than who we really are. The reality is that our script is written by a bunch of other people and really has nothing to do with us as an individual.  

Belief systems are carried forward for many generations so what we feel and believe is possibly not even relevant in this time or to us.  As women, these beliefs can be complicated and tricky as we make our way through life. Particularly when we want more.  More of the things that make us happy such as having both a family and a career, financial freedom,  the ability to make choices in every aspect of our lives.

Working with clients, I help them shed negative and limiting beliefs that are residing in their subconscious mind. We also work on transforming the stress related to a trauma, situation or condition.  With no barriers or blocks holding them back, there are infinite possibilities and opportunities just waiting to be claimed. 

Our belief systems are on a loop that never stops. Working together we are able to replace old beliefs that are not serving us with beautiful, positive beliefs and it’s a game changer.  We are all worthy of love, happiness and success.  Even better, we deserve these things and should be open to receiving.  For so many of us, there is a sense of guilt or unworthiness attached to receiving things that make us happy. 

Just imagine living the life you’ve always dreamt of.  I am here to tell you that it is entirely possible once we balance and replace our negative and limiting beliefs.  It literally sets us free to be who and what we’ve always been destined to be.  

On my healing journey, I had so many belief systems and blocks to work on.  Many of them made no sense to me yet they were still there, residing in my subconscious mind influencing how I live my life. There were many areas and issues to deal with that I wasn’t sure it could be done.  Slowly but surely things started to change with every belief that was replaced.

By working on self love, worthiness and acceptance I changed the foundation of my life.  For pretty much my entire life, I’d not had any of those things.  The transformation felt gradual but looking back, there were big changes immediately.  Once I started to love myself, my day to day decisions changed. I started making decisions from a base that was different.  It was all about choosing things that I wanted or that made me happy.   

My life is now the complete opposite. I live life entirely on my terms and  am worthy of anything I can possibly imagine.  New opportunities based on my wants and desires are plentiful and I have the freedom to grab them and live life exactly how I choose.  My purpose on this planet is to help as many people as I can to have the same freedom.  

There is an uprising of powerful, feminine energy on the planet right now.  Things are shifting and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.  Beautiful, healing energetic beings are working together globally to raise the vibration and anyone who is open to it will benefit.  All you need to do is take the first step.