The Perfect Day

Published in Sibella Publications: Luminous Wisdom. August 2021

A few years ago a coach asked me to describe my perfect day.  What would that look like, what would I do and how did it make me feel.  I can honestly say that I was stumped.  My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything at all.  My habit mind kept on going back to things that I already do and it was a really interesting experience.


Essentially we have been conditioned to do things in a certain way, at a certain time and that’s just how it is.  To look past that and have no limits, we really are confused and don’t even know what we would do.


One of the most amazing gifts that we have is our imagination.  As children we had such exciting make-believe adventures.  The sky was the limit and we had so many great times with the freedom to choose each adventure.  Somewhere along the way that got dismissed and we were discouraged from using our imagination.  In fact when we did it was referred to as daydreaming which was not acceptable – particularly in school. The sad thing is, daydreaming is the best way to create the life that we want and to help achieve our wildest dreams.  We’ve got it all wrong.


We really are so used to doing the same old habits every day that it’s hard to see past that.  Our days are generally the same and even if we move location or jobs, we still keep the same habits from day to day.  If you have a think about your morning routine, chances are it’s pretty similar most days.  That’s fine if you are doing things that you chose on your perfect day, but most often that’s not the case.


After my coaching experience, I made a conscious decision to start flexing my imagination muscle.  I’d been working full time in the corporate world for decades, so my life was pretty much a big predictable habit.  And honestly I think it’s the same for most people.


I took some time to sit quietly and think about what made me happy.  Closing my eyes in a quiet place, breathing deeply and letting my mind wander to my happy experiences, the things that really light me up.   What I came up with was freedom of time, travelling with no limits, self care habits such as massage, reiki, and all of the things that nurture my soul, spending time with family and friends.  Simple.  


Once I knew what would make me happy, I did the exercise again.  This time it was completely different. I found it easy to design my perfect day and it felt so good!  Now that I have my blinkers off and know that I can live life on my terms, I’m actively working towards making that happen.  


So I ask you this question.  If there are no limits regarding money, time, and location.  No limits at all.  What does your perfect day look like?  

image credit:  Sandra Martins, Unsplash